Update for Glen Galemmo Landmark Investment Group Fraud Victims

Alleged ponzi schemer Glen Galemmo is speaking with reporters for the first time.  According to published sources, Galemmo stated this month “I was hoping I could straighten some facts out and some misbeliefs.  I completely regret that the business had to close. I am sincerely sorry investors lost money. That’s the message I want to get out.”  More details about his statements can be viewed at the following link: http://www.fox19.com/story/23343276/tonight-at-10-glen-galemmo-sits-down-with-fox19

We continue to investigate recovery options for victims of Glen Galemmo.  Galemmo was employed during the relevant time period by Landmark Investment Group.  This means Landmark had various supervisory obligations and duties over him.  If they failed to reasonably investigate his activities, including red flags of potential misconduct, the firm itself can be held responsible for paying victims back.  This summer, Galemmo was the subject of a civil complaint filed by investors alleging a $200 million ponzi scheme.  While it is questionable what assets Galemmo has at this time, we are looking at other legal targets besides Landmark Investment Group to target with lawsuits or FINRA arbitration claims.  To hear about ALL legal options, please call us or visit www.PonziRecoveryCenter.com

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